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What is fish protein fertilizer? What are the benefits of fish protein to crops

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As a large agricultural country, my country has been paying more and more attention to agriculture in recent years. This has also prompted industries closely related to agriculture to rapidly introduce new ones to cater to market demand to develop, and gradually transition from traditional compound fertilizer to new ecological fertilizer. What is fish protein fertilizer in fertilizer types? What are the effects and benefits of fish protein on plants? Let's take you to understand:

What is fish protein fertilizer

Fish protein fertilizers are rich in organic matter, fish protein, peptides, biopolysaccharides and other components. Compared with ordinary fertilizers, the nutrients contained in them are quite special. Traditional chemical fertilizers are large and medium-trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Such as iron, manganese, zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, etc., although they are also critical for plant growth, these are like fine grains eaten by humans compared with the current fish protein fertilizer, and fish protein is equivalent to other nutritional supplements.


The benefits of fish protein on crops

1. Activating the soil, whether the soil nutrients are comprehensive and reasonable directly affects the yield and quality of crops. The addition of organic matter components on the basis of the original nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and middle and trace elements can promote better growth and development of plants, and improve soil Physical properties, promote microbial and soil biological activities, thereby improving soil activity, making nutrients more fully absorbed and utilized by plants.

2. Improve the growth. The root system of the crops that have used fish protein fertilizer will be more developed. At the same time, it can improve the photosynthesis of the crop. It will enhance the growth of the crop, accelerate the growth and maturity, reduce the flower and fruit drop, and increase the sweetness and appearance of the fruit. Little merit.

3. Green fertilizer. Now the whole society is advocating environmental protection, green and ecological development. Agriculture pays attention to pollution-free and green fruits and vegetables. Fish egg fertilizer fits this point. It is a kind of pollution-free, residue-free and soil-improving Ecological fertilizer.

4. Improve disease resistance. Nowadays, agricultural products are showing a phenomenon that the amount of pesticides used in crops to prevent pests and diseases is increasing every year, and the resistance to pests and diseases is also increasing. From their perspective, it seems like a magic It is like a foot higher, which makes crop prevention and pesticide use enter a vicious circle, but the advantage of using fish protein is to allow plants to restore their ability to inhibit pests and diseases, so that the entire ecological chain restores its natural state, and the quality of crops with less drugs constantly improving.

Fish protein fertilizer use time

Since different shows that there are certain differences in the stages of crop growth and fertilizer required, here are some examples of common fruits and vegetables for everyone to know:

1. Vegetables, such as cucumbers, beans, eggplants and other vegetables. Using fish protein fertilizers before and after their planting and flowering can reduce poor growth and yield problems caused by haze and cold waves, and improve the quality of vegetables.

2. Fruits, such as watermelon as a fish protein fertilizer used in the early flowering and early fruiting stages can promote the expansion of watermelons, increase the sugar content, and improve the taste.

3. The use of fish protein fertilizer for economic crops such as cotton, soybeans, rice and other crops in the early, middle and late stages of growth can promote plant health, and the leaf color will be dark green, which helps increase the yield.

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