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What kind of fertilizer is good for tobacco? Tobacco yields 100% more chitin roots!

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Tobacco is grown in many places in my country, and its usage is diversified. The demand for tobacco on the market is still very good. So, what kind of fertilizer should tobacco use for high yield? Let's take a look at the tobacco experiment after applying 100% more chitin roots.


Customer sample: Tobacco planting area manager

Customer area: Yunnan

Client's experimental land: In poor areas of the land, the soil begins to compact and the salt content exceeds the standard

Past problems in customer experiments: short plants, insufficient root systems, low yields, and obvious yellowing of leaves at the beginning of the growth period. Due to lack of nutrients in the soil, too many dead trees and tobacco cannot grow.

Customers use fertilizer: 100% more chitin roots (contains disease-resistant factors such as chitin, amino acids, calcium and other trace elements)

Experimental process: 1. Tobacco seedlings were irrigated with chitin root 100% more once when transplanting. 2. Irrigate the chitin root 100% once more when removing the film and cultivating the soil. 3. Others should be consistent with the previous cultivation process without adjustment.

Experimental conclusion: The leaves are thick green, plump and shiny, growing well, increasing production and income, and performing well in the field.

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